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Mindfulness Teacher Training -Diploma in Mindfulness & Positive Psychology - Group 9

Pink Blossom

March - April 23
Month 7 Activities

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Activity 1

During each month, in between our classroom weekends you are required to participate in this online discussion board.


There is a minimum requirement of 12 posts per month, which averages out at 3 posts per week.


There will be questions set by the course director which you will need to answer and please also use the discussion board to interact with each other, and respond to each other's posts.

Discussion Forum 

What are the key learnings you took away from our classroom based course this weekend?

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Activity 2
Preparation for 20 minute talk -
Covering Week 3 and 4 of Your Class

This is to be available for your next class
Activity 3
Meditation Recordings

Please submit your recording of the Expanded Awareness Meditation. To do this please use the 'voice recorder' style app on your phone and send the recording via email (not through this course web site) to Please submit by 2nd April 2023

Activity 4
Reflective Journal 

This is for your own personal use which will aid with reflexive thinking and help you deepen your awareness and therefore your Mindfulness experience.  


These reflections will also be of importance later on as you may wish to share some of these insights with your students, when you begin teaching Mindfulness, as often times early Mindfulness experiences are forgotten, unless documented.


An attitude of gratitude offers significant psychological, physical and social benefits. These benefits provide motivation to complete your Gratitude Journal on a daily basis by entering five things you are grateful for each day. These should be different things each day.

You need to print 4 copies of this, one for each week. This journal is for your own personal use but you should bring it along to each months classroom weekend where you may choose to share some entries from it.

Activity 5
Reflection on Learning

A requirement for successful completion of each month's module is that students reflect on their learning as they progress through the year. 

There is a requirement to send one 'Reflection on Learning' each month.

This must be completed and submitted electronically by 2nd April 2023

Access Archive of Material from Online Course 

Key material from the Online Course is available to you to access.


This includes links to meditations and core text. The Access Key is mpp (all lowercase)

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